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Why the Maker Space?

I'll be honest. Before we started working to create The Foundry, I had no idea what a Maker Space was. I had heard Headmaster Christi McCully talk excitedly about CNC routers, 3D printers, laser cutters, yada...yada...yada. Not being much of a "Maker" myself, my eyes kind of glazed over, and my mind drifted, hehe. Then I visited Creative Fuel, the Maker Space used by The Foundry, and...WOW! Gregg Lehman, the owner of Creative Fuel, has created an amazing workshop, filled with state-of-the-art technology and also the still-important and widely-used tools found in shop classes in the good old days. Not only does Gregg hold degrees in Industrial Design and Design Thinking, he is a hardworking, creative genius completely devoted to the practical, hands-on education of The Foundry's students.

Just last night, I was at Creative Fuel with my son, who was finishing up his lamp for display at Exhibition Night on December 17. (I also got a sneak peak at all the students' lamps, which are impressive works of art. Come see for yourself!) Gregg had opened his studio after hours on a Wednesday to help a student complete a project to his fullest potential. The Foundry is very fortunate to have a relationship with Gregg Lehman. We've thrown challenges at him left and right, and he's never ceased to surpass our expectations.

This podcast was recorded while The Foundry was still in its conception stage. Take a listen to hear Christi and Scott discuss the importance of a Maker Space as part of a real, relevant education. (Please note that this podcast was recorded a year ago, so the Creative Fuel open house mentioned has already taken place.)

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