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Why "The Foundry"?

If you've read any of my other blog posts, you already know why you should choose The Foundry!

What I'd like to tell you today is why we named this school "The Foundry." It certainly wasn't a decision we took lightly. Our Founding Board brainstormed for quite some time to try to find the name that truly represented the school we were creating. At one point, we narrowed it down to a handful of our top choices and sent out a survey to several people. Guess what? "The Foundry" did not win the contest. Conventional wisdom would have dictated that we acquiesce to the most popular choice. It was easy. It was common. It was self-explanatory.

Instead of choosing the popular route, we trusted our gut. Every day that The Foundry is open, every accomplishment that helps to redefine high school, every student whose life is transformed reinforces to us that we made the right decision. Just as metal is heated and formed in a foundry, our students are challenged and tested and shaped into the leaders needed to change our world. I've seen a foundry work first hand. What begins as a rough, imperfect, seemingly ordinary piece of metal is heated and cast into a pure, beautiful, functional work of art. The original material doesn't lose the properties that made it special, but it becomes a transformed version of itself. In the same way, each of our students has unique gifts, skills, desires, and dreams. Too often high school stifles that "it factor" ingrained in each young person and diminishes the very qualities that set him or her apart from the crowd. At The Foundry, our students are challenged to identify their gifts and harness them in order to become the best version of themselves. They are tested and pushed past their pre-conceived limits. They work hard and achieve far more than conventional wisdom told them was possible. The result is beautiful.

"The Foundry" wasn't the easy choice, but we're not "easy choice" kinda people. And neither are you: our students, our families, our teachers, our supporters. We're in this together. For that, I am truly grateful.

The Foundry

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