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The Scale of Influence

Updated: Nov 8

As Foundry students learned from guest speakers Mack and Ria Story, the scale of influence doesn't begin with zero. And few people have more influence than fathers.

I've often joked that, someday, on my dad's tombstone, I'm going to have inscribed the following: "My dad taught me two things: 1. Life isn't fair. 2. It will feel better when it quits hurting."

In truth, while humorous, each of those statements contains a wealth of wisdom. Thankfully, my dad taught me many other life lessons:

  • Be generous. Whether it's the offering plate at church, an anonymous meal for a soldier in a restaurant, or a donation to a cause important to someone you love, from lupus to Boy Scouts, give.

  • Work hard. My dad is a hard worker and he would expect no less from me. He still asks me, "Are you working hard or hardly working?"

  • Love and support your family. This means your grandparents, parents, step-parents, siblings, half-siblings, children, grandchildren... Be there for them.

  • You and your spouse are on the same team. Make sure your kids know it.

  • Laugh with those you love. From SNL to All in the Family to late-night reruns of M.A.S.H., laughing with your family creates special memories.

As we celebrate Father's Day tomorrow, consider the influence you are having in someone else's life. You may be a dad, a step-dad, a grandfather, a teacher, a coach, a Scout leader, an uncle, a pastor, a mentor. I am blessed to have a dad who continues to positively influence my life. Not everyone is so fortunate, so we need men to step up and be the father figures that are needed and whom we celebrate tomorrow. Being a dad isn't biological. In fact, the man who most influenced my own dad, teaching him to be a good spouse and parent, was his step-father.

Tomorrow, we honor you, Dads. And we honor the all of the men that our kids look up to, who take the time to teach and care about them. Thank you!

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