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The Foundry is doing good.

Before you get yourself into a grammar-panic (or am I the only who does that?), please know that The Foundry is also doing well. Very well. We have a stellar team of teachers. Our students love learning and are working hard to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

In only our second year, The Foundry received accreditation for Grades 9-12 with the GAC's highest rating. In fact, the Commission was so impressed that they took a copy of our standards (picture a 3-inch binder full of documentation) to show other schools: "This is how you do it!"

So, yes. The Foundry is doing well. Even more importantly, though, The Foundry is doing good. We believe that the best education in the world doesn't count for much if you're not using it to make a difference. Service is at the heart of The Foundry, and no matter how many commendations our students and our school receive for doing well in education, we will not lose sight of the importance of doing good.

Word is getting out about The Foundry's acts of service. Last year we were recognized as the only high school to have community disaster preparedness as part of its curriculum. This past Saturday, during the Fayetteville Christmas Parade, several parade-goers told us that they had seen our students on TV or read about them in the paper. One gentleman shouted from the crowd: "Thank you for what you did for that veteran!" While such public acknowledgment is touching and means the world to our students, the truth is that most acts of service are under the radar.

Whether it's helping a retired widow, volunteering in a soup kitchen, cleaning up a body of water, or supporting veterans, Foundry students know that doing good is not about recognition. It's about changing the world: one act of kindness, one person, one community at a time.

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