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The First Ever Foundry Signing Day

While probably the "least biggest" fan of the NFL draft that there is, I do understand the excitement, the draw, the anticipation of finding out which player will sign with which team to make which exorbitant amount of money. Even better celebrated, though, is a young person realizing his or her dreams and pursuing them, despite the lack of fanfare and fame and fortune.

Most young adults aren't provided the opportunity to work in the field about which they're passionate until college or later. Foundry students are different! Following their freshman year (in high school!), these Foundry students will be trying out a career field that they actually care about. From aviation to law to cyber-security to marketing, they will have the opportunity to explore what they're interested in while they're still young and haven't yet committed dollars and time to their college degrees.

Two nights ago, at Exhibition Night, each Foundry student signed a contract to work with a business in our community in order to discover and learn and grow.

The Foundry is incredibly grateful to the following businesses, which have partnered with us and agreed to help our students realize their passions in the most practical sense. Thank you!

Sanderson and Sanford, LLC (law)

Commemorative Air Force (aviation, airplane mechanics)

Blue Cicada Creative Studios (art)

Rustic Chair Salon (cosmetology)

Creative Learning Studios (music composition and performance)

VayK Gear (market research/business)

Southern Conservation Trust (ecological studies)

Falcon Aviation Academy (aviation)

What Wood You Like (furniture making)

JasonHunter Design, LLC (online marketing, IT, business)

Rent Path (network security)

CERT: Community Emergency Response Team (disaster preparedness)

CMP (3-D printing and manufacturing)

Christ Our Shepherd IT Department (technology, IT)

Rochester and Associates, Inc. (engineering)

Summit Family YMCA (leadership training/education)

Over this coming summer, Foundry students will have internships at these companies, working alongside experts in their fields and, most importantly, learning whether a potential career choice is a good match.

This is just one more way that The Foundry is redefining high school.

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