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Teachers at The Foundry

Updated: Nov 8

I would like to give a shout out to the amazing Foundry teachers ( While The Foundry tears down the walls of the classroom and makes learning fun, real, and relevant, our foremost obligation is to provide our students with a first-class, rigorous education and the crucial soft skills that will prepare them for college, life, and whichever career path they choose. The 2018-2019 Foundry faculty have made our first year a resounding success! Educators at The Foundry are dedicated to working hard, being kind, and changing the world each and every day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Every one of our Foundry teachers will be returning next year, and I am personally very excited about those who will be joining the teaching staff. Word is getting out about The Foundry. Teachers are talking amongst themselves and reaching out to us with a desire to teach in a setting that breaks down boundaries and gives them the freedom to educate students in the manner they know is best.

We don't hire Foundry teachers because they're fun (even though they are!); we don't hire them because they're available on the days we need them; we don't hire them because they survived an interview panel made up of the headmaster, a teacher, a parent, a board member, and a student. (You heard me right: a student!) Foundry teachers are experts in their fields. Not only do they possess the book knowledge and degrees needed to teach the "what" of a subject; they bring something better to the table: the life experience which reveals to students the "why" of a subject. For that, we truly grateful.

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