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Service and Sacrifice

The Foundry was recently honored to welcome Second Lieutenant Dan Berschinski as a guest speaker. Dan told his story of service and sacrifice to the students. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, inspired Dan to serve his country as a military officer. He graduated from West Point and was deployed to Afghanistan. In 2009, while leading his men, Dan stepped on an IED and suffered critical injuries, including the loss of both of his legs. Because of the amazing response of his team and many subsequent surgeries, Dan's life was saved.

In the last several years, Dan has taken every opportunity to speak with others about what real service requires and what it means to truly support our military. He had an open and frank discussion with Foundry students about the war in Afghanistan and challenged them to think critically about the issues facing our country. Listening to Dan speak was nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you to Dan and his father Bob for visiting The Foundry!

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