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Reflection: The Foundry Difference

Updated: Nov 8

Reflection is such a vital component of The Foundry. We feel that it is incredibly meaningful for students to take the time to reflect on their successes and their failures in order to develop goals, make necessary changes, and create a plan for the future. And the board and administration of The Foundry practice what we preach! The creation of The Foundry was truly a grass roots movement based on a mission:

The Foundry seeks to redefine the educational experience for high school students. Graduates of The Foundry will have gained a deep understanding of how to harness their gifts and talents to reach their fullest potential through challenging, engaging work -- both in and outside of the classroom. Students will leave for college with real-world experience and a clear vision of the opportunities and challenges they will face as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

As the board of The Foundry strategically plans for the future, we constantly reflect on our roots: our mission, our core values, and the promises we made to our students. We are determined to stay on course and continue to offer the opportunities that we felt were so important at the school's inception.

This podcast was recorded by Scott Colson and Christi McCully over a year ago, probably before we had our first applicant to the school. Christi detailed ten ways The Foundry would be different from other schools. Because we're working to stay true to our roots, those differences are evident every day at The Foundry. Take a listen!

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