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Persons to Watch

Updated: Nov 8

Last night, fellow board member Alan Gilbert and I were privileged to attend a reception for the young women featured in the "Women to Watch" issue of Fayette Woman. The event honored the Fayette County women, age 24 and younger, featured in their June issue. The Foundry's own Caroline Hukin was among those chosen. Congrats, Caroline!

(Foundry interviews are at 5:30ish and 1:22:21ish.)

In truth, each student at The Foundry is a Person to Watch. Our 21 remarkable soon-to-be sophomores are currently participating in summer internships in fields about which they are passionate: law, IT, music, aviation, woodworking, engineering, programming, cosmetology, disaster preparedness, marketing, IT, education, ecology, art, network security, and more! A few years from now, we'll be able to look back at the inaugural class of The Foundry and say, "I knew he was someone to watch. I knew she would change the world!"

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