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Party at the Headmaster's!! Wha-what?!

Updated: Nov 8

After spending the entire week together in school and Saturday morning together building underwater robots for SeaPerch, there's nothing Foundry students would rather be doing on a Saturday night than hanging out with...

...each other?

...and their Headmaster?

That's right, folks!! And what's more amazing is that our Headmaster, Christi McCully, wanted to spend her Saturday night with a whole bunch of students in her home. Unless you've seen first hand the camaraderie and genuine inclusiveness among the students and teachers at The Foundry, you may not believe it.

On Saturday night, everyone gathered to celebrate the admission of three new students to the school, including a young man visiting from Chile who wants to spend his (Southern Hemisphere) summer vacation at an American school. Pizza, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, games, and a movie were all part of a very fun evening.

Hmmm...maybe we should change The Foundry's motto to "Work hard. Be kind. Change the world. Have fun!" Seriously, though, if you're looking for a school that's different (in a lot of really important ways), that challenges your daughter or son academically, and that's a place where he or she immediately feels accepted and cared about, then The Foundry could very well be the right fit for your family.

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