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Here we go again!

Updated: Nov 8

As so often happens at The Foundry, last night I had to pinch myself just to be sure this was really happening. Two and a half years ago, we could only imagine and hope for what has become a game-changer for education in our community: high school students who can't wait for the first day of school and teachers who are excited to teach again.

A year ago we had our first open house at The Foundry. Everything was new. We were doing something that simply hadn't been done before. Truth be told, I was nervous. Could we deliver on the promises and the vision? Would the students really love learning again? Was it possible to have a school culture that truly celebrated kindness, service, and hard work? Could teenagers be inspired to change the world and gain the confidence to pursue their dreams with passion?

Last night, I wasn't nervous. I was excited. Because I know it's working. The Foundry is succeeding in its mission of redefining education and making it real, relevant, challenging, and engaging. The Foundry is providing countless opportunities that just aren't available elsewhere. All of our teachers, students, and parents are thrilled to return for another year, and last night's open house brought many more into The Foundry Family. This is going to be another great year!

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