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A message from Dana Lamb...

Updated: Nov 9

To say that I am so proud to be a part of The Foundry is an understatement. The vision for education and the relevance that is brought into the classroom is the way that I wish I was taught, and the way I believe education should be. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to craft a music program for these kids, based on these kids. Our instrumentation is as unique as the school, but if I have learned anything this year, making great music is far more about the musicians than any notes on the page. 

These kids, most with less than zero training before now, wrote the school’s song which even impressed Chris Henderson from Three Doors Down, who is the most outstanding mentor in residence. For Monday night these kids have created their performance set based on everything this school is and what it means to them. We will be performing Renegades, Shine, River Flows In You, Here Without You, and The Foundry song. But this is so much more than a concert. This is Exhibition Night where ALL of their subjects have their moment on stage, not just the music. You see the movies they made about recycling, look at their work, speak to them about their projects. The Exhibition is not about how smart they have become, but about how their talents and intelligence will make the world a better place. I am so honored that my son will be joining this school in January because I know what this will mean to his education. 

If you have a high schooler and are looking for a school that is what you thought high school should be, then please come check this out Monday night. Yes, it’s accredited and non-religious private. And as a huge supporter of public schools, you have to work pretty hard to impress me for me to make this choice for my son because I have worked with some of the finest teachers in the world at FCBOE. There is greatness in the county system. I was there and I remember it well.

But as I learned, sometimes great music is more about the musician and not the piece. And a great education is the one that best fits the student. 

-- Dana Lamb, Founder of Creative Learning Studios

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