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Freedom, Independence, and Opportunity

Updated: Nov 8

Today the United States celebrates Independence Day. We have parades and cookouts and fireworks, and we reminisce about the history of our country while looking forward to what we hope is a bright future.

While reflecting on the freedom, independence, and opportunity for which we are eternally grateful in this country, I am reminded that those are three of the things I appreciate so much about The Foundry.

The Foundry is a fiercely independent school that has not compromised on the educational standards important to parents in Fayette County and the surrounding communities. We have the highest of expectations, our students work their tails off, and every single one of them is coming back next year. The Foundry's teachers are top-notch, caring individuals. Our classes are innovative and challenging. Our extracurriculars are fun and relevant. Foundry students stand out in the crowd as young adults who are bright, articulate, polite, and prepared -- and who are capable of independent thinking!

Foundry students have so many opportunities that just aren't possible in a traditional classroom setting. At The Foundry, the world is our classroom. Instead of looking at slides in biology, our students are out in the pond testing the water themselves. Instead of studying engineering inside of four walls, our students are in a maker space, using CAD and harnessing their creativity to achieve amazing results. They visit museums and recording studios, plan and complete service projects, learn from guest speakers, explore the natural world, investigate their career possibilities during summer internships, and so much more.

What allows The Foundry to provide seemingly endless opportunities to our students? Freedom. We are not beholden to a government bureaucracy or held back by an over-burdened school system. Our students are free to learn, which keeps learning fun and interesting.

Independence. Freedom. Opportunity. Come experience high school...redefined.

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