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Drum roll please...

Updated: Nov 8

Preparing for Exhibition Night was a lot of hard work for our Headmaster, teachers, volunteers, and students. Turns out that compiling photos of their hard work was harder work than I had anticipated! (Let's just say that I have a whole new appreciation for the documentaries the students created.) I apologize that this project has taken so long, and I want to send a special shout-out to Scott Colson for helping with some glitches in this slide show presentation.

(drum still rolling?...)

I had high expectations for The Foundry on Exhibition Night, and my expectations were left in the dust by our students, who far exceeded anything I could have imagined. The biggest compliment we heard wasn't on the musical performances, the graphic novels, the CERT demonstrations, the documentaries, the well-designed exhibits, or even the hall of heroes. The most talked about piece of Exhibition night was... (the drum better still be rolling!...)


Guests at Exhibition Night couldn't say enough good things about the students of The Foundry, who were engaging, professional, friendly, and well spoken. They maintained eye contact, had firm handshakes, and were prepared to speak about and answer questions on their subject matter. One parent commented that she would have been proud if this exhibition had taken place at the end of the year. It was all the more impressive that our students have accomplished so much in just four months!

Update: Sorry, folks! There is still a glitch in the transitions. When technology and I meet up, it's Amateur Hour! I hope that I don't give anyone a migraine. :)

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