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Change the world.

Changing the world isn't just part of our motto; it's one of the Core Values of The Foundry:

"Students are capable of complex critical thinking and problem solving, becoming stewards of their communities and the world and addressing critical societal and ethical issues."

All of the education in the world counts for nothing if you're not using it to make the world a better place. Every day at The Foundry, students are challenged to think critically and solve problems. From preparing for disasters in their community, to serving Thanksgiving dinner to those less privileged, to monitoring pollution, to helping with a toy drive, to volunteering at the Police Department or the church...students of The Foundry are helping others.

One service project which will be highlighted at Exhibition Night on December 17 is Ms. Peggy's house. Students spent a day at Ms. Peggy's, assessing the much-needed repairs to her porch, fence, gutters, and barn. They used project management skills to address each problem, formulate a solution, and procure the necessary materials. Then they worked days at Ms. Peggy's, replacing rotted porch wood, repairing and painting a white picket fence, rehanging gutters, and rebuilding barn doors. The whole project was a tremendous educational experience for the students. More than that, though, they were able to change the world for one very special woman.

In appreciation of the students, Ms. Peggy wrote this poem:

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