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Redefining "Misfits"

Updated: Nov 8

At the PTC Fourth of July parade, a Foundry parent heard someone from the crowd say, "The Foundry is a school for misfits." I'll admit that, at first, I was a little offended by this statement, especially given that my son is a Foundry student, hehe. Then I got to thinking... what exactly is a "misfit"? My curiosity led me to this definition that I happen to love:

mis·​fit (noun): a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in a conspicuous way

(Given this definition, I kinda want a t-shirt that reads "The Foundry: School for Misfits.")

For some reason, certain people have the perception that students attend The Foundry because they can't cut it or are unable to fit in at a traditional school. Having observed our inaugural class of students for more than a year, I can tell you that that is not the case! Our students are smart, hard working, perceptive, creative, and downright inspiring. Just because they're thriving at The Foundry doesn't mean they couldn't succeed in a traditional school. It simply means that they're choosing something different and, in my opinion, better.

Does your behavior or attitude set you apart from others in a conspicuous way? I sure as heck hope so! In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of people in this world who have negative attitudes and whose behavior is less than exemplary. If we truly want to change the world, we're going to need a few more misfits, a few more highschoolers who are choosing to set themselves apart from others in a conspicuous way. If acting with kindness, working hard, serving others, learning with passion, striving for success, setting ambitious goals, achieving your dreams, changing the world, and actually liking your high school (gasp!) makes you a misfit, then yes: The Foundry is a school for misfits. Thank goodness for that.

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