The Foundry is redefining the educational experience for high school students through rigorous study, practical exercise, and hands-on, real-world engagement. At The Foundry, students explore careers of interest as part of the curriculum. As they master each of their courses of study, they are able to better identify their most optimal career tracks, preparing them for college and the marketplace. Our “Partner with The Foundry” program is the backbone of this exposure, and we would like you to invite you to join in giving students that head start!


You can make a tremendous difference in the futures of local students, paving the way for amazing, experiential education through the Collaboration, Scholarship, and Internship Programs that are part of The Foundry. This could even be one of your employees’ kids or a student you get to know through the program with the potential to participate in the development and preparation of a great future employee!

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At The Foundry, we realize that nobody can better educate a student about a subject than an expert in that field. That's why we collaborate with local organizational partners to bring the real world to our students. Our partners are requested to speak at our school or host a visit to your organization!


Through our Georgia GOAL program, you could potentially provide a scholarship to a deserving student at no cost to you. There are many eager students out there that would do amazing things at The Foundry, but just can’t afford it. Through the Georgia Tax Credit program we can set it up so that your tax dollars are allocated toward Foundry students. By giving tax payers a voice in how Georgia uses their tax dollars, students win, business win, and the community joins in preparing future leaders for our state and country. It is a quick and easy process!

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Our internship program is great for both the intern and the business provider. Students participate in real world work experience, explore careers of interest, make connections, and begin building resumes and networks. Intern partnership businesses are able to secure valuable help in career areas they choose while training a potential future full time employee.

Please join our amazing group of community partners in making a difference in a student's life. Simply contact us, and we'll get you set up!

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