At the Foundry, learning is contextual, creative, and shared.  Students collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and communication in order for them to answer challenging questions or solve complex problems. By making learning relevant, students see a purpose for mastering skills and content concepts.


The Foundry has its own definition of PBL, mixing knowledge gained in subject work with long-term and short-term projects that center around real problems faced in the community. Students work with professional experts to fully understand the challenge and gain a mentor through the process. Ultimately, the product is either presented to the community or exhibited for an audience, as opposed to simply earning a grade and a trip to the wastebasket.


Learning extends beyond our school’s walls; it connects students to the world. Students at The Foundry learn from fieldwork, experts, and service, in addition to learning from texts. The "field" may be a forest, a theater, a nearby town, another state, a hospital lab, a courtroom, a museum, a panel of experts, or something else entirely. Students working in the field are active investigators, using research tools and techniques of inquiry.


Service to the community is an ethic that permeates The Foundry. Students experience authentic service to the community as an important element of their academic and House work. Through this approach, they learn values such as collaboration, perseverance, and craftsmanship that are essential to the production of high-quality work.


At The Foundry, we take technology seriously, but not simply for technology's sake; we see it as a tool used to achieve a goal. Students are using software like Solidworks and CAD to design drones -- and hardware like laser cutters and 3D printers to design and build lamps. They are learning videography and editing techniques by producing a recycling documentary for Environmental Science and creating logos for their own business cards in Graphic Design. Technology is just one more tool put in their toolbox to help students see possibilities and do great things!


Every student at The Foundry commits to the following Honor Code: "On my honor, I pledge to practice compassion toward others; commit to integrity, even when no one is watching; work for justice; take responsibility for my actions; and treat everyone with kindness, respect, and civility. As a student of The Foundry, I will pursue knowledge and wisdom to become a virtuous leader determined to make the world a better place."


An Expo is a public demonstration that lets students show parents, teachers, and members of the community what they are learning and doing in school. The presentations may exhibit artwork, research, the results from an experiment, written work, or other projects. These events are an important way for us to celebrate student effort and to hold students and The Foundry accountable to parents and others who are invested in our school and in student success.


The Foundry holds two to three expeditions into the natural world each year to teach students about preparedness, challenge, and accomplishment. This year may include an overnight backpacking adventure, a kayaking trip, and an excursion to Jekyll Island. Students learn that, by choosing your path instead of letting it choose you, you can go further than you ever imagined possible.


Without time to reflect, the events of the school day remain isolated and unrelated. The Foundry believes in giving students the chance to reflect in their House and then share those reflections and goals, or struggles, in the constant quest for self-improvement. In addition, there is direct teaching about topics like brain development, growth mindset, executive functioning, and learning strategies to create a student belief system where effort is the primary driver of success, and students assume power and ownership over their own education.


While many students are languishing over the summer, Foundry students are working internships in key companies, exploring careers of interest, making connections, and building a network. High school students who participate in internships build skills, establish potential college internships, and pave the way for career pipelines. Their experiences are sources for resume references, look great on college applications, and develop soft skills.


As a high school graduate, you will face a world of uncertainties, but uncertainties can become opportunities for the prepared mind. At The Foundry, we train minds to recognize problems and turn them into good fortune, and we understand that steps must be taken early in a student's career to make this happen. 

The Foundry takes college and career preparation seriously, beginning in ninth grade. Our goal is to be sure our students know who they are as people, as thinkers, as members of a diverse, dynamic community, and as citizens of an evolving world. That is why our college preparation program strives to not only help students find the university that best matches their individual strengths and interests, but for them to have an academic goal in sight and possess the skills and character necessary achieve that goal. Let's be honest: Just about every high school prepares you for the college application process. At The Foundry, we help prepare you for success in the college that is the right fit for you or in the career path that fulfills your dreams. 

And just how do we do this? We see the state requirements for graduation as a floor rather than a ceiling, what is necessary to produce an average student. At The Foundry, though, there are no average students! In order for you to discover your strengths and dreams and then make them into a life plan, the following structures are in place:


Students are placed in multi-year Houses with the following goals: fellowship, personal development, academic support/accountability, and college preparation. 

Classes That Are REAL

The Foundry attacks real-world problems with project-based learning and leverages experts in their field to empower students and show them what real learning looks like. This is what top colleges are looking for.


Interested in a field? Why not try it out? Internships give students an opportunity to experience a career before setting foot on a college campus and spending thousands on classes. This program, implemented by our college and career counselor, assists you in making the connection between high school and your future. 

Dual Enrollment

The Foundry will be working with a local university to offer dual enrollment. 


In today's world, whether you want to become an engineer, a teacher, or a lawyer... calculus, programming, and intermediate software skills are expected to be a part of your resume.The Foundry is a high school that strategically approaches STEM with you in mind.


The Foundry welcomes a higher level of accountability with accreditation from the Georgia Accrediting Commission. 

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