There's no such thing as an average day at The Foundry​​

The world is changing at an incredible rate and, in response, The Foundry offers an extraordinary educational experience to prepare students to face their future with passion and perseverance.


At The Foundry we work with a unique structure:

Days 1 - 4

Academic Classes

8:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m

Classes are taught using a block schedule running approximately two hours per class. 

This allows time to deep-dive into topics, work on projects, and perform experiments.

Day 5

Friday Project Day

8:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m

On Fridays students are usually off campus exploring nature, engaging in major projects with community stakeholders, or supporting our community through service work.  

Image by Ståle Grut

A Day in the Life



In one school day at The Foundry our students might...



why some revolutions failed and others succeeded. Then collaborate on a website to reveal the findings.


relationships and character, receiving accountability from their peers during House.  


 a documentary that informs their peers about an environmental issue


and build a drone. 

Take it to test flight stage in order to help forest rangers find lost hikers.


with computer operating systems to discover new ways to code and create.


with native speakers to learn a language. Then plan for a school trip to a foreign country to test their skills.


a retired widow by designing and implementing much-needed repairs to her home.


creative abilities by writing a historical fiction that is developed into a podcast and published on the web.


to discover how forensic scientists are able to solve crimes with physical evidence.

Every school day is designed to be an adventure.

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